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Cybersecurity, Risk & Privacy

Risk Assessment

Through our thorough cybersecurity posture assessments, we help organisations and governments identify the full extent of vulnerabilities across their various assets. Our customised comprehensive action plans will highlight critical actions that must be prioritised in an organisation to ensure a strong cybersecurity posture. Services provided include: 

Network and System Audit

This measure is conducted to analyse, study and gather data about a network and its systems with the purpose of ascertaining its health in accordance with the network’s/organisation’s requirements and permissions granted to authorised users. The audit provides insight into the efficacy of network control and practices, i.e. its compliance with internal and external policies and regulations.

Vulnerability Assessment

Networks - Includes scanning for, detecting, and analysing security vulnerabilities in network infrastructure, with a focus on ensuring resilience to cybersecurity threats. 

Systems - Includes a systematic review of security weaknesses in an information system. It evaluates whether the system is susceptible to any known vulnerabilities, assigns severity levels to those vulnerabilities, and recommends remediation or mitigation, if and where needed. 

Applications - A process of identifying, assessing and managing the potential risks to an application. It will help prevent the exposure of security defects and vulnerabilities, and allows clients to view the application through the eyes of cybercriminals. and attacker. 

Penetration Testing

External penetration testing is conducted from a remote location against the organisation's external facing technology, such as their website and external network servers. 

Internal penetration testing is conducted from within the organisation's internal network. This test is useful in determining how much damage an insider (such as disgruntled employee) can cause from behind the company's firewall. 

Cybersecurity Advisory

We assist governments, businesses and critical infrastructure providers to review, assess, design, manage and implement changes that help improve their organisation's resilience to cyberattacks. Our advisory services include:

Design and implementation of national Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT)/Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) 

ISO 27001 – Information security management systems 

Design and development of national cybersecurity strategy and policies 

Development of national cybersecurity training roadmaps 

National cybersecurity awareness campaigns 

Cybersecurity legislation 

Child Online Protection (COP) 

Solution Implementation

We work closely with our partners and vendors to deploy reliable and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions for our clients, aimed at achieving maximum efficiency, productivity and resilience. Our cybersecurity experts have extensive knowledge and experience working with various security standards, frameworks and regulations, guaranteeing continued and safe business operations during the implementation phase of a new cybersecurity solution. Cybersecurity solutions include (and are not limited to):  



Identity access management 

Network access control 

Data loss prevention 

Cloud security 

Training & Development








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Your Selected Courses

NCS01: National Cybersecurity Strategy Lifecycle

NCS02: Managing & Organising a CERT

NCS03: Incident Handling & Response

SNC01: Common Criteria & Its Applications

SNC02: ISMS for Organisations

SNC03: Risk Management Strategy

SNC04: GDPR Implementation & Compliance

SNC05: Introduction to Cybersecurity Audit

PDP01: Data Protection & Privacy

PDP02: Protecting National Sovereignty Through Cybersecurity

PDP03: Data Privacy & Social Networks

PDP04. Protecting Kids Online

CNI01: Introduction To Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection

CNI02: Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection Workshop
– Transportation Sector Case Study

CNI03: Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection Workshop
– Financial Sector Case Study

CNI04: Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection Workshop
– Energy & Power Sector Case Study

CNI05: Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection Workshop
– Water & Utilities Sector Case Study

CNI06: Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection Workshop
– Food & Agriculture Sector Case Study

CNI07: Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection Workshop
– Government Services Sector Case Study

CNI08: Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection Workshop
– Healthcare Sector Case Study

CNI09: Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection Workshop
– Information Technology Sector Case Study

CNI10: Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection
– Emergency Services Case Study

CNI11: Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection
– National Defence Case Study

CNI12: Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection Workshop

CNI13: Supply Chain Security

CPP01: Working with International Organisations on Cybersecurity

CPP02: Working with Other Governments on Cybersecurity

CPP03: Working with Private Sector on Cybersecurity

CPP04: Budgeting for Cybersecurity Programmes

CPP05: Rightsizing Cybersecurity for your Nation’s Needs & Obtaining Funding for It

CPP06: Cybersecurity for e-Gov Services

CPP07: Cybersecurity & Privacy for Campaigns

CPP08: VIP Security

TEC01: Introduction to Security Awareness

TEC02: Security Awareness Workshop

TEC03: Social Engineering & Ransomware

TEC04: Managing Network Security Threats

TEC05: Managing Threats to IoT Security

TEC06: Managing Zero Days Exploits

TEC07: Implementing AI & Machine Language to Improve Cybersecurity

TEC08: Encryption for Data in Motion & Data at Rest

TEC09: Mobile Device Security

TEC10: Firewall & Intrusion Detection Systems

TEC11: Access Control & Password Management

TEC12: Cloud Security Best Practices & Implementation

TEC13: Understanding Digital Forensics & Its Lifecycle

TEC14: Securing Your Datacentre

TEC15: Managing Vendor & Partner Relationships

TEC16: 5G Security Essentials

CED01: Building a Cybersecurity Training Roadmap

CED02: Training & Retaining Cybersecurity Staff

CED03: Cybersecurity Education & Certification

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